Maintenance Key Performance (KPI) Bencmarking Survey 2014

EFNMS Maintenance Assessment Committee (EMAC) launched a survey in order to identify the best practices and mean values of the Key Performance Indicators related to the maintenance function. The aim is to provide company management facts to support their decision making.

All companies are welcome to participate in the survey. The survey will be repeated regularly, having a target to monitor the improvement in the various functions of the maintenance departments.

To participate in this exploratory survey please click the following link to the questionnaire. You will be transferred to an external data collecting system.

Link to the Survey >>

What are the benefits for you for participating in this survey?

Participating companies will be provided with the results of the survey. The first results will be published in May 2014 in Euromaintenance 2014 Congress ( and more results will be released by the end of the summer in the EFNMS website.


The collected data will be treated with confidentiality, see the EFNMS ”Security and Privacy Statement”. All the results will be treated with the strictest confidence and information provided will not be related to any identifiable company, organisation or individual.