Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators

Fitting the Pieces Together
4th Edition

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The necessary tool for benchmarking in maintenance and availability

When comparing Maintenance and Availability performance internally or externally, you need a set of clearly defined and standardized indicators supported by definitions. In Europe you can use the indicators defined in EN 15341: 2007. In North America one can take advantage of the SMRP metrics.

If you want to compare and translate the different local indicators and definitions you can use the
"Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators" book.
Harmonised indicators are those which are similar between the SMRP and EN 15431, and those for which any differences can be identified. The harmonised indicators provide a common platform for global organizations to benchmark their facilities across borders.

The “Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators” book includes 29 Indicators identified as harmonised.
Each indicator is documented by “hands on” examples on the calculation of the indicator to enhance understanding.

Why use standardized indicators or metrics such as the indicators from the standard EN 15341 or the SMRP metrics?

  • Maintenance managers can rely on a single set of predefined indicators supported by a glossary of terms and definitions
  • The use of predefined indicators makes it easier to compare maintenance and reliability performance across geographical borders
  • When a company wants to construct a set of company indicators or scorecard, the development process based on predefined indicators will be simplified
  • The predefined indicators can be incorporated in various CMMS software and reports
  • The predefined metrics can be adopted and/or modified to fit specific requirements
  • The need for discussion and debate on indicator definitions is ended and uncertainties are eliminated

Applicable for whom?

The objective of this harmonization document is to offer the global maintenance and reliability community a set of predefined indicators to be used by companies with a need to measure maintenance and reliability performance on a global basis. The indicators can be used by all organizations with a need to measure, track, report and compare maintenance and reliability performance.

The indicators or metrics are supported by a set of guidelines and examples of the calculation. This provides maintenance and reliability professionals with an easy-to- use guide for understanding of the indicators, and of the components included or excluded in the calculation of each indicator. The target group for the Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators is comprised of: Maintenance managers, Asset managers, Plant managers, Operations managers, Reliability Engineers, Technical managers, General Managers or in general any other personnel who are involved with benchmarking, or maintenance and reliability performance measurement.

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