EFNMS Awards

Rules and Procedures


The award is in recognition of extraordinary accomplishment in the field of maintenance,as recognized by the nominees Maintenance Society.

The award is aimed at individuals, teams or institutions in acknowledgement of their

  • Outstanding performance.
  • New ideas in the field of maintenance.
  • Ideas applying new technology or new techniques.
  • New type of organization which will add to the already existing effectiveness of maintenance.
  • Publications and presentations which will promote or assist in making our work better known.
  • Any other initiative which will add to the progress made in our profession.

The award shall not be limited to the activities in industrial maintenance, but shall also be extended to maintenance in other fields of activities, like there are: maintenance of highways, hospitals, public utilities, airports, artistic patrimony, public transport systems, etc. These areas are of equal importance to our life as a Society and they must be kept
functioning properly, so persons active in these fields should be considered similar to all other, industrial, disciplines.