European Maintenance Assessment Committee – EMAC


  • Support communication of maintenance performance
  • Promote benchmarking and best practice sharing in maintenance
  • Inspiration to Maintenance Managers for improvements 


Christer Olsson

The Committee members or partners


Franco Santini, AIMAN


Tomislav Turk, HDO


Tomas Trigo, APMI


Reinhard Korb, MFA


Juraj Grencik, SSU


Finn Falkenberg, DDV


Per Schjolberg, NFV


Cosmas Vamvalis, HMS


Gerardo Alvarez Cuervo, AEM

Jerry Kahn, SMRP

Join us for

  • Sharing Best Practices and experiences in the workshops
  • Inspiration to improvements and modifications
  • Develop methods in visualization of results
  • Learning how to communicate with management on maintenance performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Best-Practices - Survey

  • EMAC is conducting a survey having as main target to identify best practices and standard values for typical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related with the maintenance function. 
  • The survey is initially addressed to Maintenance Managers in European companies 
  • The survey will be open until May 15th 2016 
  • Results obtained will be presented and discussed on the workshops arranged by EMAC at the EuroMaintenance 2016 in Athens, Greece
  • Every participant will receive the results and the relevant conclusions.
  • The survey should take around 15-20 minutes. Follow this link: TO THE SURVEY


  • GMARI - Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators
    29 Maintenance KPI's harmonised and explained to be used on a global basis. A common product of the SMRP (Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals U.S.A.) and the EFNMSvzw (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies).
  • The user requirement specification for the calculation and presentation of Maintenance Key Performance Indicators according to EN 15341.
    Help for the configuration or procurement of a computerized maintenance management system in order to be able to produce the standardized KPI's.
    Only for EFNMS/National Maintenance Societies members. Please contact your society representative.
  • The EMBC Benchmarking Workshop
    A Benchmarking workshop format based on the Global Maintenance and Reliability Indicators.
    More than 20 Workshops have been performed so far with great success.

    For business terms for the arrangement of these workshops: EFNMS Workshop Bussterms (pdf).
    There is a group of approved facilitators to lead/support the events in different languages: Facilitator List (pdf).

Detailed information on the Committees Workshop