European Certification Committee – ECC


To establish the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, EFNMS, as the organization within Europe that is able to certify maintenance professionals (Manager, Supervisor/Engineer and Technician) where the objective is a competence assurance of the maintenance activities within Europe.



Mikaela Malmrud, UTEK  

Committee members or partners:


Jan Franlund, UTEK


Per Schjolberg, NFV


Ivo Cala, HDO


Bernardo Tormos, AEM


Giannis Bakouros, HMS


Jiri Poloucek, CSPU


Ilkka Palsola, Promaint

A summary about the history of the EFNMS certification

1991: An idea within the Swedish National Maintenance Society to specify the requirements of competence for a Maintenance Manager. A specification was developed in Swedish by 12 representatives from different types of industries and together with UTEK and a training company in Sweden.

1992: The idea was introduced to the EFNMS, including a translated version of the Swedish specification. A special WG was appointed to look into the Swedish version and make it into an EFNMS version. (Among the members of that group were Patrick De Grote, BEMAS, Erich Wegman, MFS, Henri Arnoux, AFIM, Per Schjolberg, NFV, and Jan Franlund, UTEK.)

1993: The EFNMS Specification for Maintenance Management was adopted by the EFNMS on the 17th of April, as well as the Rules for the EFNMS Examination and Certification. The WG for Certification was elected to handle the EFNMS matters in this area. The first Examination and Certification took place (in Sweden).

1998: The Certification WG proposed some minor changes in the EFNMS Specification.The modified Specification was adopted by EFNMS on the 30th of May.

2001: The EFNMS Training WG developed a Specification for competence for Maintenance Technicians Specialists. Together with the Certification WG a final proposal was developed for the EFNMS. The Specification was adopted by EFNMS on the 20th of October.

2005: A draft specification for Maintenance Supervisors was prepared for the EFNMS GA meeting on 22nd of October.

2006: The draft specification for Maintenance Supervisors was again prepared for the EFNMS GA meeting on 19th of June and was accepted to be used for a test examination in NVDO.

2007: The first Business Plan for the EFNMSvzw European Certification Committee was accepted in the EFNMS GA meeting on 26th of May.

2011: Until the fall of 2011 there are 366 certified European Experts in Maintenance Management and 98 Certified European Maintenance Technician Specialists in Europe.


The EFNMSvzw Certification possibilities will be recognized by the European Community as the most prestigious certification possibilities of maintenance professionals that exist.


All people involved in maintenance where safety, security and environment protection is an actual issue has to be certified. This has to be mandatory according to European law.

Mandatory, but voluntary between two parties, especially focused on the suppliers of maintenance service.

The EFNMS Certification Possibilities should be implemented and used on a regularly basis in all European countries.
The EFNMS Certification Possibilities (Requirements and Rules) should via CEN also become an ISO standard.


  • Independent
  • Neutrality
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Seriously
  • Confidentiality
  • Rules to be developed and adopted by maintenance experts all over Europe
  • Competence
  • Experience
  • Psycho physical attitude requirements
  • Guaranties for the client
  • Routines and Emergency Maintenance Capability
  • Safety and Environment Care
  • Economic Considerations
  • Competence Preservation


  • Speed
  • Marketing (Economical resources)
  • The Recognition of EFNMS and ECC
  • Union acceptance
  • Similarities of laws and regulations
  • Personnel enthusiasm and willingness for voluntary work


European Directives
Recognition of National Societies
Acceptance in the European Community
Organization for running the exams
Organization for ECC (further developments)

The process becoming a certified expert / prerequisites

Each National Maintenance Society that is a member of the EFNMS will, on behalf of the EFNMS, arrange written examinations of the theoretical knowledge in each Societies own language.
(These tests can be arranged at intervals that will suit each Society. However, no more than twice a year.)

The examination has to be arranged according to national university standards
. The examination shall include:

[A] questions in the participants own language that cover the subjects in the detailed specification,
[B] one maintenance article in English, from which the participants shall write an abstract in their own language.

The examinations are open for anyone to participate in.

To achieve the European certificate, the participant has to pass the examinations A and B above, and the participant shall have at least 5 years' experience in the field of maintenance, inclusive at least 2 years' experience in a managing position in the field of maintenance. (At least one of these years should have occurred during the last 18 months.)

Each person who is interested to achieve an EFNMS certificate shall contact the National Maintenance Society in the country where the person is living, or contact any of the members of the EFNMS ECC.

Why is the EFNMS certification important?

For the individuals

  • Better chances on the working market
  • Higher recognition within the company
  • Improvement of self confidence
  • A possibility for easier mobility between European countries
  • A higher acceptance on the European working market

For the Company

  • An independent verification of the competence for a professional maintenance
  • A competitive advantage in the case of selling maintenance services
  • A possibility to identify gaps of knowledge to improve

General remarks

There is a trend to have certificates in number of areas, the EFNMS’ certificates are important for the maintenance area
The EFNMS certification is promoting the EFNMS and the National Maintenance Societies.


The Requirements and Rules to achieve a Certificate as a European Expert in Maintenance Management
The Regulations for the EFNMS Certificate as a European Maintenance Technician Specialist