EFNMS Awards

EFNMS Euromaintenance Incentive Award in Maintenance

The EFNMS Euromaintenance Incentive Award was established by Dr. Stefano Salvetti and his Foundation and the  European Federation of National Maintenance Societies – EFNMS. The Award is sponsored and supported by the Salvetti Foundation.

The EFNMS Euromaintenance Incentive Award is in recognition of extraordinary accomplishment in the field of maintenance. The award is aimed at individuals, teams or institutions in acknowledgement of their Outstanding Performance, New ideas in the field of maintenance, Ideas in applying new technology or new techniques, new type of organization which will add to the already existing effectiveness of maintenance,  Publications and presentations which will promote or assist in making maintenance work better known. Any other initiative which will add to the progress made in the maintenance profession.

The winners of the EFNMS Euromaintenance incentive Award in Maintenance 2014 Helsinki

 In 2014 at the EFNMS Euromaintenance Congress & Exhibition in Helsinki, the Award has been presented.

You will find the necessary information and the award winners in the link here

The winner of the 12th EFNMS Euromaintenance Incentive Award 2012

During the opening ceremony of  the Euromaintenance 2012, the biennial EFNMS Maintenance Congress & Exhibition in Belgrade, the Euromaintenance incentive Award was granted to Allan Pederson.

The Danish maintenance manager at Carlsberg, Denmark was rewarded for his exceptional achievements in maintenance and contribution to the sector.


Prof. Werner Tschuschke, Salvetti Foundation, with the winner of the EFNMS Euromaintenance Incentive Award, Mr. Allan Pederson – Denmark.

Following are the award winners from the previous years:

  • 11th Award, Euromaintenance 2010, Verona 14–16 May, 2010

    Mr. Erwin Bovyn – Belgium
    Exceptional achievements in maintenance management.


  • 10th Award, Euromaintenance 2008, Brussels 8–10 Apr, 2008

    Prof. Luis de Andrade Ferreira – Portugal

    for his contribution in the field of Tribology


    During opening session of the EUROMAINTENANCE 2008 in Brussels

    Mr. Stefano Salvetti presents the award to Prof. Luis de Andrade Ferreira

  • 9th Award, Euromaintenance 2006, Basel 20–22 Jun, 2006

    Mr. Francisco Javier Gonzáles Fernandez – Spain
    for having developed the maintenance system for the rolling stock of the Metro in Madrid

  • 8th Award, Euromaintenance 2004, Barcelona 11–13 May, 2004

Mr. Kenneth O’Reilly – Ireland
    for his work in the field of education

  • 7th Award, Euromaintenance 2002 Helsinki 2002

Mr. Christer Idhammar – USA
    for his international contribution to reliability and maintenance

  • 6th Award, Euromaintenance 2000, Gothenburg 7–10 March, 2000

    Mr. Ivo Cala – Croatia
    for his contribution to maintenance training and development

  • 5th Award, Euromaintenance '98, Dubrovnik 5–7 October, 1998

    Mr. Matt Russell – Ireland
    for his contribution to maintenance training and education

  • 4th Award, Euromaintenance '96, Copenhagen 21–23 May, 1996

    Mr. Martin Cuesta Alvarez – Spain
    for his contribution to aircraft maintenance

  • 3rd Award, Euromaintenance '94, Amsterdam 26–28 April, 1994

    Prof. Dr. Wulff-Rüdiger Fischer – Germany
    for his contribution to maintenance development

  • 2nd Award, Euromaintenance '92, Lisabon 1–3 June, 1992

    Instututo Piero Pirelli – Milano, Italy
    for their contribution to maintenance development

  • 1st Award, Euromaintenance '90, Wiesbaden 14–15 October, 1990

    NVDO/SICON – The Netherlands
    for the excellent work of developing an Information Model for Maintenance Management as a contribution to the increase of maintenance understanding in Europe

    Diploma to: Prof. Hans Ahlmann – Sweden
    for his contribution to the development of the maintenance - Machine Department in Laboratory of Engineering Production Technology,

    Technical Research Centre – Finland
    for his contribution to the development of the maintenance