The EFNMSvzw European Certification

There is an increasing need for a quality-controlled assurance of competence among the people actively in maintenance. The European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, the EFNMSvzw, is the European organisation, which has got all the necessary knowledge of the competence requirements in the areas of maintenance.

The EFNMSvzw will make sure that the appropriate validation activities will take place to prove if a certain person has got enough knowledge and experience to become certified as a professional in maintenance. When that is assured the EFNMSvzw will certify such a person.

The European Certification Committee (ECC) will, on behalf of the EFNMSvzw, perform the certification of persons in the field of maintenance in Europe, in accordance with international and European rules and requirements.

The ECC will also be able to certify people according to the EFNMSvzw rules and requirements, even outside of the member countries of the EFNMSvzw. This includes also countries outside of Europe.

Since 1993 the EFNMSvzw has certified persons in the field of maintenance. The first rules and requirements were for maintenance management, then for maintenance technician specialists and at the moment there is a development process for the rules and requirements for maintenance supervisors.

The process becoming a certified expert / prerequisites

Each National Maintenance Society that is a member of the EFNMS will, on behalf of the EFNMS, arrange written examinations of the theoretical knowledge in each Societies own language. (These tests can be arranged at intervals that will suit each Society. However, no more than twice a year.)

The examination has to be arranged according to national university standards

The examination shall include:

[A] questions in the participants own language that cover the subjects in the detailed specification,

[B] one maintenance article in English, from which the participants shall write an abstract in their own language.

The examinations are open for anyone to participate in.

To achieve the European certificate, the participant has to pass the examinations A and B above, and the participant shall have at least 5 years experience in the field of maintenance, inclusive at least 2 years experience in a managing position in the field of maintenance. (At least one of these years should have occurred during the last 18 months.)

Each person who is interested to achieve an EFNMS certificate shall contact the National Maintenance Society in the country where the person is living, or contact any of the members of the EFNMS ECC.

Why is the EFNMS certification important?

For the individuals

  • The only individual professional competence verification that exists

  • Better chances on the working market

  • Higher recognition within the company

  • Improvement of self confidence

  • A possibility for easier mobility between European countries

  • A higher acceptance on the European working market

For the Company

  • An independent verification of the competence for a professional maintenance

  • A competitive advantage in the case of selling maintenance services

  • A possibility to identify gaps of knowledge to improve

  • General remarks

  • There is a trend to have certificates in number of areas (particularly when out-sourcing maintenance operations)

  • The EFNMS certification is promoting the National Maintenance Societies and EFNMS.